Girl Painters West show at Ace Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Girl Painters West was founded in 2016 by four Boulder artists who desired a professional painterly community within which to paint and show their art. They now number seven women artists from the area. Their works have been hanging in shows both as a group and individually in many places in Boulder County since 2013. Most of the artists are or have been students under the watchful and compassionate eye of well know local artist Jacque Michelle. Drawing inspiration from our own local Colorado color and from the Land of Enchantment in New Mexico, the group chose GPW as their descriptive calling card. Color Color Everywhere.

Exhibiting artists at Ace Community Gallery are Laura Brenton, Lancene Cadora, Laurie Donlon, Jacque Michelle, Penny Peterson, Alice Renouf, and Margot Rowan. Stop and view during office hours through January 30, 2017.







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