Featured Artist – “Humanity’s place in the natural world” by Archie Millard

Archie’s work focuses on humanity’s place in the natural world; we are animals, constantly balancing the urges that come from the race to survive and our innate, empathetic compassion for life. Archie is fascinated by how our species juggles the knowledge that we all die with the motivation to preserve or harm the Earth’s living ecological systems. The black and white work in this exhibit is an ongoing series called “Moonglow and the Ghost” that comes together as a multi-faceted mirror reflecting Archie’s questions and anxieties about the evolution of life, the inevitability of death, and the purpose of either in the vast unknowns of our universe. The repeating elements are symbolic of spiritualism, nature, and the physical laws of space and time. On exhibit at Ace February/March 2017.
Rock Salt Gazing Small

The Half-life of Lt. Mustela P. Furo


Infinity Predator

Mile High Buffalo Ride

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