Diane Wood’s journey into the art world began in 1999 when she moved to Colorado. Her love today is for the vibrant colors of pastels but also works in oil and acrylics. A representational artist inspired daily by what she sees. Whatever the scene, she intuitively transposes the mood and the feeling to canvas and the image comes alive with color and excitement. Exhibition at Ace is through July 31st.
Diane Wood3

Diane Wood1

Diane Wood2

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Featured Artist – “Humanity’s place in the natural world” by Archie Millard

Archie’s work focuses on humanity’s place in the natural world; we are animals, constantly balancing the urges that come from the race to survive and our innate, empathetic compassion for life. Archie is fascinated by how our species juggles the knowledge that we all die with the motivation to preserve or harm the Earth’s living ecological systems. The black and white work in this exhibit is an ongoing series called “Moonglow and the Ghost” that comes together as a multi-faceted mirror reflecting Archie’s questions and anxieties about the evolution of life, the inevitability of death, and the purpose of either in the vast unknowns of our universe. The repeating elements are symbolic of spiritualism, nature, and the physical laws of space and time. On exhibit at Ace February/March 2017.
Rock Salt Gazing Small

The Half-life of Lt. Mustela P. Furo


Infinity Predator

Mile High Buffalo Ride

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Girl Painters West show at Ace Dec 2016/Jan 2017

Girl Painters West was founded in 2016 by four Boulder artists who desired a professional painterly community within which to paint and show their art. They now number seven women artists from the area. Their works have been hanging in shows both as a group and individually in many places in Boulder County since 2013. Most of the artists are or have been students under the watchful and compassionate eye of well know local artist Jacque Michelle. Drawing inspiration from our own local Colorado color and from the Land of Enchantment in New Mexico, the group chose GPW as their descriptive calling card. Color Color Everywhere.

Exhibiting artists at Ace Community Gallery are Laura Brenton, Lancene Cadora, Laurie Donlon, Jacque Michelle, Penny Peterson, Alice Renouf, and Margot Rowan. Stop and view during office hours through January 30, 2017.







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Featured artist – Joan Jordan “Paintings inspired by nature”

NoBo Artist, Joan Jordan, creates intuitive acrylic and mixed media paintings inspired by nature.
Joan’s paintings capture impressions of the seasons…summer abundance, fall harvesting, winter dormancy and rebirth of spring.

Exploration of the fields and forests of Colorado are the seeds of her creations. The essence of these places is the start, and the emotional connection to them is the heart of each painting.

Joan imaginatively combines paper, fabric and found objects into many of her acrylic paintings to enhance the textures and patterns found in nature. Her colorful artwork captures a sense of the place, an emotion or feeling of being in the landscape.

Artist demonstration and meet and greet during Boulder Open Studios Oct 1, 2, 8, 9th 12pm – 6pm and during Ace office hours through November 28, 2016.




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Ace featured artist – Astrid Paustian

orange poppy 1

Ace Community Art Gallery welcomes NoBo fine artist Astrid Paustian showing her award winning oil paintings May/June 2016.

Astrid works in oil, pastel, and on silk, enjoying the bright, vivid colors and textures these mediums provide. “Light and the way it affects color are what draws me to a particular subject in most instances. Sometimes, however, it can be a particular mood, such as the peaceful tranquility of a mountain meadow, the energy of a windswept sky, or the innocence and resilience of a small bird.”

Enjoy viewing Astril Paustian’s fine art during the NoBo Art District’s First Friday where we will have an artist reception – May 6th and June 3rd 6pm – 9pm. You can also view during our gallery hours M-F 9am – 4pm, Sat 9am – 3pm.


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